Monday, August 30, 2010


August disappeared in a flurry of moving and vacation. After a couple weeks of packing, sorting, and tossing, we moved most of our stuff from our rental into storage and some of our stuff into new rental house for the final portion of construction. On our moving day, we did this in the morning:
and then our block party in the afternoon:
and then flew the next day to Seattle to give our architect a break:
and finally spent a week at the magical ranch in MT.

Before we left, the drywallers were busy getting all the walls in. The light and shapes are all pretty glorious, don't you think?
 The bedroom and the exposed beam

 the kitchen
We took the mini-clients through before we left to get their reaction. Here they are standing in the kitchen with the island cabinets in place. They love it! The kitchen ceiling is lower than the rest of the main room, which created a design opportunity when we integrated the kitchen into the main space. The architects designed a system using Ikea kitchen cabinetry panels to clad the ceiling. A great Ikea hack: it delineates the kitchen and makes what felt odd before feel intentional.
from the kitchen in to the living and dining area

A coat of primer and paint has gone on the walls now. The rooms are glowing.


  1. can't wait to visit and cook some yummies in that kitchen! xoxo

  2. It looks amazing!!! Can't wait to see it.